Quilt Festival 2016--What a dream!

Whoo! After attending Market & Festival in Houston, we can finally say we are starting to get caught up. As a group we tag-teamed this exhilarating 10-day event. We met a lot of amazing people! Fall Festival was a great way for us to let everyone know that we are the go-to business for quilting pins and charms. We will DEFINITELY be back next year.
We had so much excitement surrounding our booth. It was amazing!
One of the best parts about Festival this year was the fact we could hardly keep our booth stocked! Charms and pins were flying off the table left and right. We were so pleased to see such excitement surrounding Pin Peddlers products. Thank you to all those who visited our booth!
We had great participation in our Scavenger Hunt at Festival!
Tommy & Audrey had attended Festival for years and had a spot where everyone knew where to find them. This year our booth was in a new area so we could be next to Missouri Star. We are trying to keep the original look so we can be easily recognized but at the same time, freshen things up a bit. We hope everyone liked some of the updates!
Thanks to everyone who participated in our Scavenger Hunt in order to win a free charm bracelet. Participants had a lot of fun going through the "Our Small World" exhibits. Some of the items were very easy to find but there were one or two we kept hearing about that were hidden quite well. A little challenge is never a bad thing, right? :)   
        Jean and Glenda had a great time with Scavenger Hunt this year!
We heard reports of folks using flashlights and the zoom lens on their cameras during their search. There were also comments made about how participants worked together while making new friends. This was great news! Our goal was to make sure everyone had a good time and were able to see some of the special exhibits. As players came by the booth to pick up their free charm bracelet, they mentioned how much fun they had. We'd say the scavenger hunt was a success!
As much as we love and appreciate interacting with our customers via emails and phone calls, quilt shows are a fantastic way for us to see your bright, smiling faces in person. Thanks for stopping by to see us. See ya next time. : )

- Glenda & Taylor

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