Hello! So you've found yourself at the Pin Peddlers "Charm of the Month" page. We're so glad you're here. Perhaps you've decided to visit because you'd like to boost sales at your shop. Or maybe you just need a new fun idea to freshen things up. Maybe you heard about the program from a friend. Or perhaps you were simply just curious what this whole thing is all about. Whatever the case may be, we invite you to hop aboard and explore this exciting opportunity with us. 

Here at Pin Peddlers, we enjoy coming up with those new fun ways to interact with customers while simultaneously boosting sales. Customers love nothing more than receiving free items just for shopping with you, right? Well, the Pin Peddlers "Charm of the Month" Program can do just this. While we call it the “Charm of the Month” program, you can label it anything you’d like. Fun examples include, “Lucky Charms,” “Charming You,” and “A Charming Giveaway.” Have fun with the name. Make it sound appealing to your customers! You have the flexibility to mold your program to your shop’s needs, but those that have been following the steps below have found great success.


Let’s get started!

1. Select a charm for each month from our collection of stock charms to incentivize your customers to make a single purchase over a preset threshold.

2. Promote the "exclusive" program by having each of your employees wear the charm of the month on a bracelet, pin, charm holder, etc. To further encourage your customers to buy and collect your charms of the month, we can design a custom charm holder for your shop.

3. Plan an exclusive year's end event for everyone that earns
We love our current "Charm of the Month" customers!each month's charm over the course of that year. This event will make your invitees feel like VIP's! One of the clever beauties of the exclusive event is it invi
tes your "special " customers to come back and purchase more items at the event. Another option is to create gift bags for each participant when they collect all 12 charms. 

You may now be wondering how in the world you are going to track these VIP’s! The process can be quite simple. Create a business card that you punch each time your customers earn their charm for the given month. Also design and hand out ”Charm of the Month” index cards for each customer. Notate each index card after a qualifying purchase or set it up through your POS program. You have the flexibility to create a system that best fits your shop!


A couple extra tips!


- Display the charms close to your register to regularly remind your customers about the program. Also remind them about the program each time they make a purchase.

- Add-on sales are very important and only add to your revenues. To assist you with your

add-on sales, we also sell several styles of bracelets, necklaces, charm holders, and other

items for your customers to display their charms on. 


So, are you ready to start your own AMAZING "Charm of the Month" program?

Call or email us at 800.841.8691 or info@pinpeddlers.com to get started today!