We are the exclusive provider of the popular custom license plate pins for shops participating in Row by Row! These sweet little babies include the state your shop is located in, a catchy slogan of your choosing in the center, and your shop's name and city. Give your shop something unique to sell this year during the Row by Row months or all throughout the year. Even better, they ARE NOT dated and can be sold in your shop any time of the year.



To begin your custom pin plate order, please ensure you have your approved proof FabricPlate™ record number from Zebra Patterns. If you have any FabricPlate™ questions please contact Zebra Patterns:

• Click here to reserve and/or approve the Shop’s FabricPlate™phrase/proof.

• Write rxrplates@zebrapatterns.com.

• Call 410-531-9051.


Please fill out the form below to start your order today!

Glenda will contact you within 24 hours for next steps after having a chance to review your order.