We sell to licensed retail businesses at wholesale prices. We'd love to work with your business! If you are a business owner and would like to sign up to be a Pin Peddlers wholesale customer, please follow the instructions below:


1) Click HERE to create a new wholesale customer account.

2) Check the box that states "Are you registering as a wholesale customer?"

3) Enter your tax ID number or resale permit number on the same page.

4) Submit your information! Once we have completed setting up your wholesale account, we will contact you to help you get started shopping.


**Please allow 24 hours for your registration to be finalized. Your registration is not finalized until we approve it. We will notify you when you have been granted access to begin viewing and purchasing wholesale products.**


If you are NOT a licensed wholesale customer, please exit this page, and continue shopping. 

NOTE: Group discount information for guilds, clubs, and organizations is on our Group Discounts page.  


Minimum Order Quantity

Minimum order of 25 required for wholesale orders.


Bulk Discounts

IMPORTANT! Due to complications with ordering Row by Row products during this time of year,  in order to receive any of the bulk discounts below, please contact us via chat, email, or phone. We will manually apply the discount for you.


Receive 5% off for stock orders of $100 or more.

Receive 7% off for stock orders over $250 or more.

Receive 10% off for stock orders over $500 or more.


Note: Bulk discounts do not apply to Row by Row orders.


Attention Row by Row Stores!

We are the authorized vendors for "Row by Row" pins, charms, and charm holders. Participating quilt stores may use the same account registration steps as outlined above to purchase our "Row by Row items. For more information on "Row by Row" pins, charms, and charm holders please visit our ROW BY ROW page.

Note: The "Row by Row" ordering page is exclusively for "Row by Row" wholesale orders. We do not retail these products on PinPeddlers.com.  Shoppers will purchase these collectible pins exclusively from participating "Row by Row" stores.

TEASER: We will be compiling a list of all participating 2017 "Row by Row" stores whom we have sold "Row by Row" pins, charms, and charm holders to. This list will be displayed to all retail customers on PinPeddlers.com The purpose of the list will be to help retail customers know where they can go to purchase "Row by Row" pins, charms, and charm holders.


If you have questions, please call, email, or chat with us below.